What can you do when your hands, shoulders and arms are constantly in pain? Or, when your legs, knees or hips are not as fit as they used to be? What can you do when the current treatment has not been successful? Can biological therapy be effective in treating joints?


To put it briefly…
Can you regain fitness and comfort in life?



Medical Magnus Clinic is a modern Medical Centre which, according to the latest knowledge and professionalism, provides assistance to our patients – those suffering from osteoarthritis and those who have sustained painful injuries. What distinguishes us is openness and empathy towards patients as well as listening to their needs and expectations.


Since 2009, Dr Marek Krochmalski and his team of specialist doctors have performed over 1,500 treatments using CD34 + stem cells. Excellent clinical results were obtained in the vast majority of cases. A very important part of the treatment process is our special individual rehabilitation program for patients treated with stem cells. During the rehabilitation process, we monitor the patient’s condition on an ongoing basis, showing the progress he has made.


Treatment with the use of stem cells has improved the quality of life for many people, reducing pain and even eliminating the need for endoprosthesis. Well-known athletes have benefited from our stem cell therapy, including Bartłomiej Bonk, Marcin Dołęga and the strongest man in the world, Mariusz Pudzianowski.


We are open to knowledge – we are constantly improving, changing, implementing new solutions and therapies. All this to best meet the needs of the patient.


We want all areas of our activity to be of high quality. This motto determines the way we work. Quality means the availability of specialists who are constantly developing in their fields. It’s the qualified medical staff of our Clinic eager to help patients. We also focus on high-class modern medical devices supporting diagnostics and therapies.


Treatment using stem cells from the patient’s own blood is a unique way of using the potential of ‘own body’ to regenerate damaged tissues. Research shows that peripheral blood contains unique CD34+ stem cells.

Thanks to their properties, they make damaged tissues – either as a result of an injury or as a result of a disease – ‘self-healing‘. It may seem impossible, but our patients’ testimonials are the best proof of the success of the procedure.

See what the stages of stem cell therapy are like:

During each phase of your therapy, you will receive complete information about your treatment progress and planned next steps. Our Clinic’s medial staff provide help and professional information so that you can feel safe and secure.


Medical qualification and diagnostic tests.



Preparation for therapy, including laboratory tests.



Hospital stay: preparation for therapy. Taking stem cells from the patient’s peripheral blood. Administration of stem cells to the affected area in a highly specialised operating room. Hospital stay and rehabilitation.


Outpatient rehabilitation cycle.



Follow-up visits and further check-up diagnostics.


Think about what methods you have used so far. Count how much money you’ve already spent. Answer the question if you feel that nothing can be changed. Since you have reached this page, it means that you are still looking for a solution for yourself.


At our Clinic, we have helped many people with injuries and osteoarthritis. Our professional knowledge and activities, based on many years of experience, allow us to adjust the methods of treatment to the ailments that patients from all over the world report to us.


With CD34+ stem cell therapy, we help patients who suffer from:


  • muscle and ligament injuries
  • symptoms of muscular dystrophy
  • knee joint disorders
  • hip joint disorders
  • ankle and foot disorders
  • injuries of the shoulder and elbow joints
  • lack of adhesion after fractures (pseudarthrosis)

With the procedure of administering cells directly into the diseased or traumatised area, the damaged tissues are regenerated. The therapy will help relieve your pain, increase the mobility of your joints and most importantly, get you back on track.


Before starting stem cell therapy, it will be necessary to complete a qualification questionnaire, go through medical consultation and diagnostic tests. All of this takes place in our Clinic.

From a treatment eligibility standpoint, any data on conditions other than those treated with stem cells is essential.


Therefore, collect medical records regarding your health condition as you will need information on, among others:


  • cardiovascular diseases
  • respiratory diseases
  • neurological diseases
  • neoplastic diseases
  • allergies
  • medications taken
  • stimulants


Detailed information can be found in the questionnaire which you will discuss with your doctor. The doctor’s interview is to verify that your health condition allows you to go through the entire stem cell treatment process.

For us, the health and safety of our patients is of utmost importance – which is why we attach great importance to the reliable collection of health information.


Does therapy improve daily functioning?

The goal of the entire stem cell treatment process is to make the patient’s life more comfortable. Thanks to the increased mobility of joints, your daily fitness will be much greater than before the therapy.

Is administering cells to the site of injury enough?

Although the procedure of administering stem cells is the most critical moment of the therapy, the subsequent rehabilitation is equally important.

Will I get treatment right away?

The first stage of the entire therapy is medical qualification. Initially, appropriate tests will be done to determine if your health condition allows for treatment with stem cells from your own blood.

Is this a proven treatment method?

Stem cells, both from umbilical cord blood and from peripheral blood (this is where the CD34 + cells we use come from), have been used by clinics and hospitals for years. It would not be possible if the therapy had not been verified and approved for use. Biological therapies are under constant development worldwide as an effective alternative to surgical methods.

Is stem cell therapy painful?

We described the entire cycle of therapy in ‘What is stem cell therapy?’. We collect stem cells from the patient’s own blood using highly specialised devices and standardised medical protocols. The resulting CD34+ stem cells are then administered by injection into the affected area, and this is done in the operating theatre under conditions of utmost sterility. The procedure is not painful, however, it may be slightly felt when blood is drawn and then when stem cells are administered with the use of a surgical needle.

I am very grateful to Dr Marek Krochmalski for fixing my hip and saving me from an endoprosthesis or a wheelchair. Thank you on behalf of myself and my daughters. God bless you.


With heartfelt thanks for everything great that happened to me in this Clinic. Special thanks to Dr Krochmalski for restoring the functionality and mobility of my knee. Thank you again.


It’s been over a year after the stem cells were injected into my knee. It’s great! I function normally. I am walking, biking, riding a motorcycle, hiking in the mountains, etc. Thank you so much.


I am 1.5 years after stem cells therapy for both knees and have almost forgotten the pain. It’s difficult to describe in words my happiness. Only the stairs are a “minor” obstacle for me. I believe that Dr Krochmalski will deal with this problem as well, because HE CAN, and I thank him for that.


3 weeks have passed since the procedure. Now I’m walking on crutches and going for physiotherapy at Medical Magnus. I want to put my crutches down as soon as possible and be able to move even better than before the procedure. My friends, after stem cells therapy, come here for rehabilitation.


Dr Marek Krochmalski, an orthopaedic surgeon-traumatologist – together with the Medical Magnus Clinic Team of Specialists – has developed an innovative method of treating orthopaedic diseases using stem cells from the patient’s own blood. This also includes our proprietary rehabilitation programme. Dr Krochmalski has been helping patients and people with injuries for years by relieving their pain, bringing relief and increasing their comfort of life. He applied the first CD34+ stem cell therapy from blood to Polish athletes in 2009.

He specialises, particularly, in the treatment of knee, ankle and elbow joint injuries as well as soft tissue injuries such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.

He is the founder of the Polish Muscles, Ligaments & Tendons Society, which brings together doctors, physiotherapists and trainers around the subject of soft tissue – the queen of orthopaedics. Doctor Krochmalski is a member of the Polish Society of Sports Medicine, which awarded him and his team with first prize for the paper ‘Use of Stem Cells in the Treatment of Periarticular Enthesopathies – Preliminary Report’.

He is a participant and lecturer at many international symposia. He is also a long-time orthopaedic consultant to the following Polish sports associations: volleyball, weightlifting, handball, wrestling, football and, since 2014, athletics.

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